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RATCO - A Short History

No one is quite sure where Ratco came from or what he is. He joined Mad Jack's some 20 odd years ago having been found at a fair at Sudeley Castle where he was bought for 5p. Subsequently he first danced out with the side at the New Inn, Sidley (near Bexhill) since which time he has been a regular part of the side - except for when he goes on his travels; and these have been extensive. He has had many adventures, kidnapped on at least two occasions and has been places most of us would not wish to go (and trousers come into this!). He has stood for every Office in the side with spectacular lack of success and is very precious to us all.

The South American Adventure

The Caribbean Adventure

The U.S. of A. Adventure October 2009

February 2010 Ratco in Buda and Pest

December 2009 to January 2010 Ratco in Oz

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